These Me & Inner Me Memes Are Just So Freakin’ Hilarious!


We all love funny stuff. Don’t we? Especially, when the memes are relatable.

Well, forget about everything else and check out these Me & Inner Me memes that are just so freakin’ hilarious:

15. Every time in examination hall.

*Why the fu*k are you hella confident? Oh sorry. Overconfident.*

14. Because relationships are bad idea most of the time.

*I guess so*

13. I was trying to control myself but it just happened.

*No I am not an attention seeking person*

12. What? What did she exactly say?

*Bad grammar or bad IQ?*

11. Let’s destroy everything bitches!!!

*Because I am just so bad at relationship thing*

10. It is just that he’s so cute and I can’t be...

*Oh! no bitch you’re just DUMB*

9. Avenging on point!

*No you are just being mean honey*

8. Spending money on food like I’m the only one!

*You’ll cry in the end of month, I swear.*

7. Winters has come.

*Yeah, I get it. No comments on this.*

6. I guess, short girls can’t say this

*This is mean. Pure evil.*

5. Every time when I get my paycheck.

*Me too. And then I cry at the end of the month.*

4. Girls when they are having mood swings.

*No, I am not on periods. I am just in bad mood.*

3. Goes to bed at 9 P.M. Stay awake till 3 A.M.

*Oh, I was just watching some good videos. And now I am learning how to talk to dog. Pretty cool, huh?*


2. I took a break for a minute from study and it mistakenl...

*And now, it seems like you’re going to fail.*


*I am still crying in the corner. I so fu*king hilarious. No, may be I am freaking depressed. Damn! Am I having some mental issues. Dies inside because of mental break down.*

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